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What to do in case of fire in the Biology or Ecology Buildings

Know what to do!

You must know in advance what to do if fire breaks out in the building/buildings where you work. To find out, do this:

  • Go out into the corridor and carefully study the Evacuation Plan available there.
  • The evacuation plan will have information about:
    1. Firefighting equipment and alarm buttons (in the Ecology building, only hydrants and water hoses are indicated; in the Biology building, also fire extinguishers, alarm button etc., are indicated). All firefighting equipment is indicated with red signs along the corridors.
    2. Escape exists (do not use smoke-filled pathways). Follow the green signs with arrows on them.
    3. Assembly point (no one should have to rush into a burning building looking for someone who is already out!). The assembly point for the Biology building is the lawn in the south-west, and for the Ecology building, it is by the wind tunnel building on the left side, not by the main entrance.
  • Go through the information and learn it.
  • Also learn what the situation is like in other areas of the building where you work, or in the neighbouring buildings. Think about how, in an emergency, you can help people who are not informed about the local procedures (such as students or visiting researchers).
  • In the corridors you will find red wall boxes with alarm buttons and a green instruction sign underneath. This is the simplest and quickest way to alert the building of a fire: Lift the lid and press the button. This will make the evacuation alarm automatically go off in the entire building and alert the fire department!
  • For any questions, please contact your health and safety representatives.

In case of fire or other hazard:

  1. Save people who are in danger.
  2. Alert the emergency services. Let them know where the fire is, if there are any people trapped inside, what happened, and who is calling.
  3. Warn people who are at risk.
  4. Extinguish the fire if possible without risking your own safety. Shut all doors to the unit (some fire doors will shut automatically).
  5. Evacuate in a calm manner according to the evacuation plan. Go to the assembly point. Do not use the lift!

You can expect a fire safety drill to make sure that the information has been received. These exercises must be taken seriously. If the fire alarm goes off, follow the above mentioned rules, regardless of why the alarm went off. Remain at the assembly point until the emergency service has given you the go ahead.

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