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Biology Department Board

The Board is the decision-making body at the Department of Biology. Board members are democratically elected. The Board includes 8 members of teaching staff, 3 doctoral or other students, and 3 other staff members. The head of department is the chair and the administrative manager is co-opted to the Board. The assistant head of department is also co-opted as well as the vice-chair. The term of office is three years, except for student representatives who only serve one year.

The Board is responsible for policy, budget and strategic matters as well as overall monitoring the department activities. More information on the Board’s authority and duties can be found in the Faculty of Science delegation rules and the Lund University rules and regulations.

Board members

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The department board at the Biology blog

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Protkoll från styrelsemötet den 26/2 -20

14 April 2020
Institutionsstyrelsen hade möte den 26 februari. Då diskuterades bland annat anställningsärenden, bokslut, prefektbeslut och informationspun…

Protokoll från styrelsemötet 18/12 -19

20 January 2020
Institutionsstyrelsen hade möte den 18 december. Då diskuterades bland annat budget, ledningsstruktur vid fakulteten, RQ20, ställföreträdand…

Dagordning för styrelsemötet den 18/12 -19

12 December 2019
Institutionsstyrelsen har möte den 18 december klockan 13.15 i Synpunkten i Biologihus B. Följande står på dagordningen: Mötet öppnas Protok…
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Molecular Cell Biology

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Carl Sjökvist
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E-mail: Carl [dot] Sjokvist [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se


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