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Gender equality and equal opportunities group (JoL)

The Department of Biology combats all types of discrimination. If you feel that you are being discriminated against, contact one of the staff members or organisations under ‘Contact’, or one of the members of the group for gender equality and equal opportunities – JoL.

The JoL group’s task is to draw attention to the problems that may exist at a workplace for those who are perceived as a minority. These are often problems not explicitly expressed by staff members, but rather based on a cultural climate in society at large. It might entail indirectly having fewer opportunities to develop, change jobs, advance in their careers, etc., due to belonging to a certain group. Dividing people into groups instead of focusing on the individual is one of the main problems that we are trying to highlight.

Social norms of how various groups are, what jobs they are fit for, and who should naturally be in power, create indirect problems with regard to employment and careers, for example. Chances are high that someone who fits the “mold” for that particular job or task is deemed more suitable and subsequently appointed, even though everyone, in principle, have equal rights and opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, age and/or sexuality. A system of discrimination may exist even though no one means any harm.

The JoL group works to create a more inclusive workplace and raise awareness about any existing problems. We want to ensure that management sends a clear message with regard to discrimination, and shows their staff that it is a priority. In this capacity, we promote discussions about gender equality and equal opportunities, compile information about the situation at the workplace, distribute books and articles about gender equality in one way or another, organise seminars and workshops, and offer help and support to anyone who is experiencing problems

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Important equality websites

The gender equality and equal opportunities group at the Biology blog

The links below lead to our internal blog. Some texts can be in Swedish.

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18 June 2020
The League of European Research Universities (LERU) has published a new advice paper on planning family leave. It includes information about…

Sök medel för lika villkor

24 October 2019
Ansökningstiden för att söka stimulansmedel för lika villkor från rådet för jämställdhet och likabehandling är nu öppen. I år har inbjudan b…

Equality group recommends: new report on gender equality in academia

28 August 2019
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