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Infrastructure group (BIG)

The Department of Biology infrastructure group (BIG) has the overall responsibility to coordinate and develop the department’s infrastructure. The group advises the head of department and Biology Department Board, and does not make binding decisions.

Here infrastructure means resources in the form of instruments and premises used for specific research purposes, often by several research groups,that require special resources such as staff and/or operating funds to be used in an efficient and reliable manner. This includes what is used by the first cycle courses and study programmes.

BIG’s remit does currently not include the biology library (which has its own steering committee), IT/computer/web helpdesk (the Computer Group) and the biological museums.

The applications that are annually submitted to the Faculty of Science’s infrastructure group are referred for consultation to BIG, which then delivers a comprehensive statement proposal from the department. On behalf of the faculty, BIG also keeps an inventory of heavy equipment.

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Öppet hus bland sladdar och loggrar

20 March 2019
Idag var det öppet hus på elektroniklabbet på fjärde våningen i Ekologihuset. Johan Bäckman, Arne Andersson och Siri Persson Schmiterlöw vis…

Hjälpen är nära – kontakta något av våra labb

15 March 2019
Idag ordnade SACT en presentation av institutionens infrastruktur. Tobias Uller som är ordförande i Biologiska institutionens InfrastrukturG…

New microscope inaugurated

1 March 2018
Yesterday the department’s new confocal and light sheet microscope, the Leica TCS SP8 DLS, was inaugurated at a highly successful launch eve…
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