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How-to edit your personal web page

A personal web page is a page that presents people at the department. The personal web page automatically shows contact information from LUCAT and publications from LUP. You can add personal information and a photo. If you stay longer than six months at the Department of Biology we will create a personal web page for you both in English and in Swedish. You will find all our personal pages at and

You will find instructions for what to put on your personal web page here. If you do not want to update your page by yourself, send you updates to your web publisher. Do not forget to put the web address to your personal web page in LUCAT! To do this log in to LUCAT from LU's central staff pages.

Your personal web page fetch your publications from Lund University's Research Portal (LUCRIS) automatically. If you are new to Lund University or if you have published previous to year 2000, with affiliation to Lund University, you must register your publication in LUCRIS yourself. There are instructions at Lund University's Staff Pages.

1. You have to log in to edit your personal page. Visit to log in to change your English personal web page. To change your Swedish personal web page log in at

Screen dump of log in

Tick the box "I'm not a robot" or "Jag är inte en robot" depending on if you are on the English or Swedish website.

Screen dump of captcha images

If you get a window with images, follow the instructions. Then click on the button “Log in” at the English website or the button “Logga in” at the Swedish. You will be directed to a new web page with a “CAS-login” window. Use your LUCAT-id where it says “NetID” and your LUCAT password in the field “Password”. Click the button “LOGIN”.

Screen dump of log in

2. You are now at the page for your personal preferences. Click on the link “Edit personal page”.

Screen dump of edit link

3. Check that the text field “Titel” is correct. The title should be your first and last name. We fill in this field when we create the page. If you change it, please notify Inger Ekström and she will correct the links to your page. If you get a warning notice that some link on the page is not working, like in the image below, check the link and change it if it really is broken. Sometimes you get a warning because the link was not answering when the program checked, but the link works again next time.

Showing the title field and a broken link warning.

4. If there is no photo of you, click on the button “Browse” under “Image”. To change an existent photo click “Edit” to the right of your photo. The width of the photo should be 224 px. Larger photos will be cropped. Name your photo with your first and last name. The system will overwrite files with the same name. Please use the same name for your photo files. Then it will not be a lot of unused photos in the system.

Screen dump of browse button

5. Click on the button “Välj fil” under “Upload a new file” to choose a photo from your computer. When you have chosen the right photo click on “Upload” and then on “Next”.

Screen dump of media browser window

6. Type a caption in the field “Caption” if you want one. Otherwise leave it blank. You can write keywords in the field “Fritexttaggning” to make the photo easier to find in the system. Use “Portrait” in English and “Porträtt” in Swedish as keywords. Do not use your name as a keyword. There is no need for that if you have named your photo properly. The field “Alt-text” is compulsory. Write a short sentence describing the photo. In this case it suffice with your first and last name. Click on the button “Save”.

Screen dump of caption window

7. Above the "Body" text field there some text fields and squares. Never put any text in the field "Link to personal page". If you do, the page will send the visitor to the link and leave the department website. This field is for people working at more than one department. The web manager will fill it in if needed. If you do not want your publication to show, tick the box "Hide publications". Choose which view of the publications list you want as default by tick either "Latest" or "All". If you want the heading to be anything else than Publications change this in the text field "Title, research outputs". If you are content with the default, don't change anything.

Screen dump of publication choices

8. In the text field “Body” you can write a presentation of yourself or update the one already there. write your job position and your academic title (optional) divided with a pipe on top of the page. Like this Doctoral Student | MSc or Researcher | PhD. The position and title should be formatted as normal and not as a heading. Use the text editor to format the text, place photos and links. Photos in the body should be 432 px wide.

Showing the formatting tool bar.

9. Under the body field you will find a fact box field. This is the box you see under your contact information at your ”live” personal page. Change this information if it is not accuate or if you want to add something. To do this click on ”Edit” and do your changes just like you did in the body field on your personal page. Do not upload publication lists! The system automatically fetches publications from the Lund University database. Update your publications there. When you are ready click on ”Save” and you are back in the editing view of your personal page. Please do not create new fact boxes on your own.

Showing where to edit the fact box.

10. On our contact page, the user can filter people working at the department depending on this categories. The existing categories are Professors, Senior researcher, Postdocs, Doctoral Students, Technical and Administrative Personell and Emeriti. If the category is wrong, please change it.

Screen dump of the category field

11. Complete your editing session with a click on “Publish and save” at the bottom of the page. If you want to continue editing click on the tab “Edit” at the top of your page when you are logged in.

Screen dump of publish button

Srceen dump of edit button

Page Manager:

Contact information

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Department of Biology

Telephone: +46 46-222 94 79
E-mail: jan [dot] olsson [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se


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